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village in bloom

How To Apply for Village in Bloom High School competition, Classroom participation

VIBE Event - Local Artists (New for 2018 !)

Village in Bloom invites artists residing in Scott or Rock Island Counties to create an original 3 dimensional work of art portraying the theme, “Life on the Farm”. (Individual artists or groups of artists may apply)

Call to Local Artists

High School Artists

Scott and Rock Island County high school students compete for a chance to have their sculpture handcrafted and sold by Isabel Bloom. The winning artist also will experience the hands-on process of mold-making, casting and finishing their own sculpture in the Bloom production studio. The theme of the 2018 Village in Bloom sculpture contest is Life On the Farm. Learn more!

Call for High School Artists

Information Form for High School Artists

Requirements for High School Submissions


Classroom Sculptures

Scott and Rock Island County classrooms create giant sculptures of recycled materials for display during the festival. The theme of the 2018 Festival is Life On the Farm.

Call for Classroom Sculptures

Classroom Sculpture Application



Application for Performers